✱ Bovril bOREers Mining Co-op - Shoot Rocks. Mine Blood

(Alice Adraer) #61

We’re still looking to add some new people!

(Alice Adraer) #62


(Ryu Madullier) #63

We’re still recruiting. Great corp to be in with a great bunch of players and no toxic comms.

(Ryu Madullier) #64

Tired of your rorquals dying? Join us today!!!

(Ryu Madullier) #65

Mining Rocks, Mining Blood, Mining Salt, We do it all. Come join us.

(Alice Adraer) #66

Looking for a few good women and men!

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(Ryu Madullier) #67

Recruitment is still open. Come join a great Corp with lots to offer!!!

(Ryu Madullier) #68

Join Us!

(Ryu Madullier) #69

Spod all around, come join us.

(Alice Adraer) #70

We’re still looking for a few good women and men!

(Ryu Madullier) #71

Come mine ore, blood and salt with us

(Mineral Molester) #72

The salt must flow…

(Ryu Madullier) #73

Join us!

(Ryu Madullier) #74

Join us on discord and come chat

(Ryu Madullier) #75

Shoot rocks, mine blood

(Alice Adraer) #76

Here we go!

(Killer90 killer90) #77

I am intersected in joining your corp

(Alice Adraer) #78

@Killer90_killer90 Awesome. Get in touch with us on discord if you have any questions!

(Ryu Madullier) #79

Come mine rocks and build big shiny ships with us.

(Ryu Madullier) #80

Recruitment Still open