BrainBox :: N3UR0ns required ! - [PvP] [Nul-Sec] [USTZ]

Building things so people can blow them up is fun, pulling the trigger to increase demand… that’s the cherry on top.

What you will find:

  • Family-friendly, low drama, group of people in US/EU time zones;

  • Wherever you are from we would love to get to know you. As long as you can operate in English (accents welcome, we all have one) we will have fun!;

  • Industrialists armed to the teeth: Everyone of us participates in PvP home defense, roams, and fleet operations. We are active players, the expected attitude… Something to shoot? There’s a fleet? If I can, I’m there!;

Everything a modern nul sec corporation should offer to it’s members. SRP, logistics, market access, etc, etc, etc…

Come and chat with us, you might find a group of friends to fly with!

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Let’s chat, you might find a group of friends to fly with!


Cool, chill and fun!

We are having fun, let’s chat!

Get on our Discord, let’s chat!

Great new friends recently, why not check out our discord and see if you could have fun as well!

Want to have fun, come and chat!


There’s always room for fun!


We are growing and having fun, drop by our Discord!


Having fun, come and see!

Still having fun, you want to have fun? :slight_smile:

Having fun, fun fun!

fun? Yep!

weekend fun?

fun, fun, fun!

Rock and Roll!