🇪🇺 NUL-L Recruiting EU/US. Stand out


(MJ Maverick) #1

PR Recruitment header 1 small
Now you’re whole corp can join us in our new alliance!
If you’re tired of being just a number with no direction in Eve; Or perhaps being treated like you’re just fodder.
NUL-L may be the Corp you haven’t found yet. We are selectively recruiting new pilots to our ranks.
Join a premier PvP Corporation that actually gives a ■■■■ about you.

nul-li-fy has been a top PvP Corp in alliances such as Nulli Secunda, Infamous, Circle-of-Two and Triumvirate; taking part in historic battle such as B-R, the Winter War and most recently fighting in the Blue Donut War under the flag of Triumvirate. We are fully self-sufficient with our own logistics wing, capital fleet and Fleet Commanders.


What we are offering:

  • Corp and Alliance SRP
  • Good roaming space
  • PVP fleets with a very high kill/welp ratio
  • Experienced FC’s
  • Alliance with full EU/US time zone coverage
  • Active leaders who care about your opinion regarding the corp’s future.
  • Private Corp Discord

All we ask for is:

  • 10,000,000 SP and PvP focused
  • Active player
  • Capital main account (preferably)
  • Alt account, preferably FAX able but not essential

Join us in-game in channel: NUL-L

Bitter vet looking for small gang pvp!
114 mill sp pvp'er + alts + 3-4 other guys looking for next adventure
Returning player 100+ mil sp
115 mill sp pvp/indy + alts looking for corp
Looking for Corp
116m sp Player seeks null sec corp
67 mln sp char looking for corp
50mil SP having a hard time finding an active corp?
115 mill sp pvp/indy + alts looking for corp
2 friends lf null sec/wh corp 50m sp/ 30m sp
Returning PvPer looking for new corp [EU TZ]
Returning to the Game (again!)
2 Experienced Eve Pilots looking for new home
115mil SP Returning player (EU tz) looking for options
Returning USTZ 110m toon looking for mature corp with flexibility on RL
Returning player 2 toons 40 mil sp each
100m SP pvp toon (USTZ) LF Nulsec / Lowsec
Returning 120+mil SP US Null PVP Pilot
Here I am again!
Returning player
114 million sp pvp dudeman looking for corp -- USTZ
Old player back from break (from Eve)
Recently returned PvP player 60m SP
Two 60mill SP toons on final search for fun corps
Returning Player LF corp (13m SP)
Guys looking for nullsec corp/alliance
USTZ player looking for pvp corp
27m SP Pilot looking for a home
PVP Player looking for a corp
UK Returning Player (13 mil sp) looking for Nul or WH Corp
30m Returning Pilot looking for nullsec/WH life
Returning player looking for null sec or wormhole crop
Looking for an active corp
86.5m SP character looking for a new home
Looking for pvp corp. 60+ mill sp
130M SP Returning player looking for PVP Fun
Returning player looking for corp
17 mil SP New Player Looking for USTZ Corp
Aggressively incompetent space pirate looking for home
[CLOSED] 90m+72M SkillPoints US returning Player looking for PVP
10 year old self sufficient small AUTZ corp seeks pvp/pve alliance
Bow Down. - PvP null sec Alliance Recruiting
Returning Noob with 21.7sp
Returning player looking for pvp corp - 93mil sp
Returning player looking for 0.0 Corp
23 mil pilot lookin for a us based corp
Looking for a place to lay my hat
Looking for a clean slate in EVE (Returning Player)
13.5m sp pilot looking for corp
50M USTZ PvP pilot looking for corp
Found corp, ty for everyone who contacted me
Coming back after a 3 ish year break
Returning 55M SP player looking for new home
63M SP (primarily combat), looking for new home, Late US / AU TZs
42 mil sp pilot LF Corp
51m Old twat returned to game looking for a new home
Returning Pilot (2 Chars)
Looking for a chill group who’ll accept an old timer
PvP orientated player- 110Mil sp LF null
X- PVP'r getting back in to game
Returning Vet // Looking for AU TZ Corp
Two brothers returning to Eve again
70m sp pvp pilot looking for new home in k-space
110 mil sp newbro
85 mill SP returning pilot looking for null sec corp
Returning Australian player, 45mil SP, Looking for Aussie corp
45 Mill sp pilot looking for nullsec home
(2r4w) #2

If you like being with great people and great pilots. This is a good place for you. Please don’t suck :wink:

(Risshik) #3

Got to love the pvp and company of greats

(Amnivar) #4

Good group of guys n gals. +1

(Ezio Sotken) #5

I was a member of this corp back in the Nulli Secunda days and can easily say we have become even better through the years!

(Ender Airuta) #6

If PvP is your game, NUL-L is a great place to call home. I love that it’s a low Drama, forward-thinking Corp that helps it’s pilots get better. Plenty of learning opportunities from small gang to Allliance fleets, there’s plenty to do and positive people to do it with. Run into the action, not away from it.

(Death Trapp) #7


(MJ Maverick) #8

Bump, still recruiting.

(Death Trapp) #9

Still here still recruiting competent, fun individuals that share a love for blowing ■■■■ up!

(Death Trapp) #10


(Krait Kurvora) #11

Recently recruited and already enjoying the people and the PvP a lot!

(Malei Kinra) #12

Great guys. High level pvp without being tryhards.

(Sonia Lane) #13

killing russian supers constantly, will make you feel peaceful and complete.

… at least i do

(Ender Airuta) #14

If you want your Killboard to be longer than your Employment history, you should be in NUL-L.
If you know more Ammo types than asteroid names, you should be in NUL-L.
If a cosmic signature is where you use a Scram instead of a Scanner, you should be in NUL-L.
If you’ve bounced around looking for a home with Brothers, you should be in NULL-L.
If you want to play EVE like it was intended to be played, you should be in NUL-L.
If you want to fly Capitals, not just flip them, you should be in NUL-L.
Come be a part of something great – NUL-LI-FY is a durable Corporation with a long history of persistence and survival. NUL-LI-FY is where great pilots find great objectives to create great fun.

(CromusX) #15

Longest running corp I have ever been in (18 months).

Cannot give a better endorsement than that.

(2r4w) #16


If you are an active PVPer and want to fly with us, hop in in-game Channel: NUL-L

(2r4w) #17

Message Me For Help Joining.

(3s5x) #18

If a cosmic signature is where you use a SCRAM instead of a SCANNER, You should be in NUL-L.

(1q3v) #19

What they said! ^

(Sehal) #20

NUL-L best L