Returning 120+mil SP US Null PVP Pilot

Hey everyone, I’m just coming back to eve after some time off and I’d like to find an active home that allows for daily PVP ops (frig roams to caps, camps or roams, null or WH) that has a stable home with active members.

My info:

  • Carrier/Dread (amarr, caldari, galente, min)
  • All t2 ships
  • No mining skills or production
  • Active at random times depending on work (home based but frequent traveling)
  • Comms are a must
  • 30+ age, drinker, active

Looking for:

  • Stability (perm home base with set logistics)
  • Activity across various TZs
  • Sov space would be a plus, null is a must
  • Cake

Message me in game or here. Thanks! o/

Mail in-game sent. Or you can poke me faster through discord - Glorfindeil#2642

Right Click Jump To - RCJT certainly has that come talk to me in discord rangerwolfy#4987

@Needle_Juice If you looking to be on the opposite side of blue balls you should check us out. We have a metric ■■■■ ton of content.

We might be a good fit for you, give us a look.

feel free to hit us up

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