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As it stands now, most of eve is happy just to sit in their rorquals or ratting carriers watching the number on their wallets slowly tick. But you’re not one of those people are you. You’re looking for a bit more pvp excitement from your corp/ alliance. You’re looking for exciting cap battles. You’re looking for killboard full of green. If this sounds like your situation, nul-li-fy is looking for you.

nul-li-fy is a PVP first corp and proud member of Triumvirate Alliance that has been focused on finding great PVP content since 2011. Our very close-nit and inclusive group is looking for more players to join us for good fights and a great community.

What we offer:

  • Frequent fleets and good fights across multiple timezones (US/EU/AU)
  • A very welcoming community of intelligent PVPers
  • Higher SP Blingy Doctrines
  • Cap usage multiple times a week
  • Experienced FCs, and ability for FC training
  • Corp leadership that is engaged and truly cares about its members
  • Corp/ Alliance SRP
  • Private Corp discord

Criteria to Join:

  • At least 2 accounts
  • 25m SP on your PVP main
  • Decent PVP killboard
  • Be able to fly a carrier within 3 months of joining
  • Basic fleet knowledge
  • ISK self-sufficient
  • APIs for all accounts (applying or not)

If this sounds like what you are looking for, please stop by NUL-L Pub and speak with some of our recruiters.

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More apps welcome!

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Drop into our in game pub: NUL-L

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Capital duders wanted!


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Recruitment Open

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