Break some rocks, make some isk!

Looking for a corporation where you can break rocks in a virtual world and not break a sweat? Good because we need you :slight_smile: and we’ll pay you. We’re located in Amarr space and can help move your assets out here as well.

What we currently offer:

  • SRP (Ship Replacement Program): Lose your ship to a gank? If it couldn’t be avoided we replace it!

  • Ore Buyback Program: Sell your ore to us. We take a small cut so you don’t have to haul it. This small cut is what’s used to pay for SRP among other things.

  • Recruitment Incentives: Recruit a member and get some isk if they stay.

  • Orca Boosts: Boosts are frequently available to help you mine more faster. Just ask one of the directors if a fleet advertisement isn’t already available!

In short this is for making money. If you have any questions feel free to ask! We’re small but the leadership are vets! A limited API and brief interview will be required upon joining.

All time zones welcome however our primary focus will be USTZ. I am typically available 0100-0800 UTC.

hey man, send me a mail ingame. I’d like to talk with you

Sounds good. Ill.mail ingame

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