Breaking: The Bloody Hands of Matar Call for Peace with the Minmatar Republic

In a broadcast sent to the Scope late yesterday, a capsuleer identifying themselves as Durannis Vern claimed to speak for the Bloody Hands of Matar in calling for peace between the terrorist organization and the Minmatar Republic. The broadcast was issued from Katugumur in the Heimatar region during a live-fire battle between the capsuleer and a squadron of Angel Cartel pilots.

“On behalf of the Bloody Hands of Matar, I call for a ceasefire between us and the Seven Tribes of Matar. Our leaders are willing to discuss terms with the Tribal Council and the Sanmatar, so that we can turn our focus from defending ourselves to fighting the real enemy. The Imperials, and those who would sell them the flesh of men.”

The message also contained a call to arms for members of the Republic to take a stand against recent aggressive actions by the Amarr, as well as calling for reform within the Republic to focus on stamping out underground slavery rings feeding the Angel Cartel trading routes. Reports from members of the Bloody Hands state that they patiently await a response from the Minmatar Republic in hopes that a peace accord can be reached and the organization can refocus its efforts on removing Amarran influence from Minmatar space. Thusfar no response has been forthcoming from the Republic, though we expect a statement may be released in the coming days to address the contents of the broadcast.

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An Electus Matari member impersonating a Terrorist, Well this is new… not sure who you are but wind your neck in before you lose it.

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Guess none of your friends told you that you fucks got your amnesties and pardons already a year ago in the most disgusting and insulting ceremony held by the Brutor asswipe himself?


I am aware that I’m probably one of the last people you’d want to hear this from, Teinyhr, but it is encouraging to know that there are at least some Republic loyalists left with the courage to see and call out their leadership for what it is.

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