Brewmaster Armada - Providence Based Corp is Recruiting Players of All Skillset

What do we do?
-Ratting (PVE)
and many more

Who do we need?

-Just you who read this wonderful forum post (or spam idk)

-Active duty, Reservist, and even Veteran who has serve his or her country is more than welcome to apply. (Yes, Even J/ROTC bois can join us)

-Those who wish to be in a Null sec space, doing Null Sec things (We operate in Providence and we abide the NRDS rule)

-Those who wish to be detoxed by a Toxic CEO or a Toxic FC or even Toxic Corpmates

==Things to Know==

  1. As I’ve said before, we operated on the Southern Region of Providence. With that, we comply to the NRDS (Not Red Don’t Shoot) Rule.
  2. We are also recquired to join CVA’s FleetOPS
  3. We have 50 members, mostly active on USTZ and AUSTZ
  4. Our Zkillboard
  5. VICP (Our Alliance) is a subsidary alliance of CVA, managed by Virtus Crusade Corp
  6. We have access to the entire provibloc public assets (Stations, Industry, and Jump bridges)
  7. Our Discord (Recruitment Chat and Interview)

Sounds good?
So join us…Be great, Be powerful, and most of all…Be drunk

Closed at Op’s request