RECRUITING | Brewmaster Armada | NULL | Region: Scalding Pass

Hello Pilots,

Brewmaster Armada is recruiting all player backgrounds. We operate under the values of pay it forward. We believe that all players have value no matter the skillset or knowledge of the game. After all this is a game and we all have to start somewhere. So start with us. Our corp has been around for several years growing under Sev3rance alliance. Our journey has taken us from Providence during the war against Rekking Crew; to fighting in World War Bee II under Legacy coalition against the Imperium.

We are now on a new chapter for our corp, and now more than ever is a perfect chance to jump in on something amazing. We are now a member of FI.RE coalition in a war against Rekking Crew once more. We are living in Scalding Pass and expanding as a corp. Please see our focus below. If this is interests you. Please reach out to us in our in-game chat “–DRNK” or Discord.

Many of us are experienced and skilled pilots in many directions - PVP, PVE, and Industry. We are ready to help. We also offer a large BPO/BPC library to use while you’re in the corp.

Sounds good?

So join us…Be great, Be powerful, and most of all…Be drunk
Free beer from the Tap house!


→ Members Goals

→ PVP Fleet Ops

→ Industrial (Mining, Building, Inventing, Moon Mining, etc.)

→ PVE (Ratting)

→ Corp Projects

If you have any additional questions or concerns. Don’t hesitate to reach out.

-Brewmaster Armada