Brewmaster Armada - WH with Beer


Formed in 2019 Brewmaster has weathered the changing landscape of Eve growing from strength to strength. With the intellectual will to adapt and the strength to fight, we will continue to grow and thrive.

Recently relocated into wormhole space we have taken ownership of a C4 with C4/C2 statics. If you want to make ISK the C4 is there, want to visit K-space the C2 offers easy connection. In Brewmaster we are aware not everyone has the same level of SP or ISK so again with the mix of C2 and C4 there is always content for every level of player.

We don’t mind if your Omega or alpha if your old, new, or a returning vet. Your SP and wallet balance are not important what is important is the willingness to be part of our family, interact, and get involved. Some of our members have been around for years and are happy to share what they know.

Our goals are…

  • Doing things that are fun
  • Doing things we can be proud to have tried
  • Making space pixels go boom
  • Doubling your isk*

Join Brewmaster today, we do what other corps do – we just do it with a beer in one hand.

Join our ingame recruitment channel -DRNK-
or write a memorable or memeable evemail to a recruiter (listed on ingame ad). We don’t need to hear about the color of your zkillboard or how you made a fortune by investing, we just want to know your favorite type of beverage, as it defines your thrustworthiness much more than any other detail ever could.

(Non-beer drinkrs also welcome)

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We are still recruiting. :slight_smile:

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Heya, we got a new beer delivery. First come first serve. :wink:



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We are still recruiting =)

hi there are you still looking for new members id love to join wormhole space! :slight_smile:

o7 mate,

I’ve sent you and ingame mail. :slight_smile:


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We are still recruiting. :slight_smile:

Hey everyone! I am a Recruitment Officer for Brewmaster Armada! Feel free to contact me on discord at any time!

hellbent69420 < Discord :slight_smile:

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Bump, Feel free to contact me at hellbent69420 to join our wonderful corp!

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Hey everyone! We are still recruiting, so feel free to contact me via discord to start your drunken future with Brewmaster Armada today! :smiley:

hellbent69420 <discord