Brittas Empire - Smeg Heads Unite! - EU & US TZ

Brittas Empire is Recruiting!

Are you someone who is looking to make your way to Null Sec?

Do you want to join a Corp with an amazing community, within a great Alliance?

Do you want to be more than a number in a Corp?

Do you want opportunities to progress up the ranks in one?

We can help! We focus on being proficient combat pilots, for both small-scale and large fleet PvP in 0.0 space. But if you are a budding industrialist, we have a place for you too!

Not a Brit? That’s fine too, we drink with anyone! We have recently created a North American Division within the Corp so even our friends over the pond have a place with us!

Most importantly, the purpose of our Corporation is to have fun, and our Corporations number one priority is community - our members actually mean something to us.


  • Access to 0.0 space, we are NOT renters
  • Member of a great Alliance and Coalition
  • Competent and experienced leadership
  • Active and large Alliance
  • Enjoyable game environment that encourages teamwork and companionship
  • Coalition SRP
  • Alliance buyback programs
  • Keepstar Umbrellas


  • Capital Ratting
  • Rorq Mining
  • Small Gang PvP including Corp roams
  • Coalition and Alliance Level Fleets
  • Capital PvP
  • Access to Industrial Infrastructure for all your Construction and Research needs
  • Access to a well-stocked, and managed Market in our home.


  • 5 Mill Sp Minimum
  • Microphone, access to mumble and discord
  • Must be able to speak English
  • Self-sufficient for ISK
  • Mature and respectful of others
  • Wants to be part of a community and feel valued



EUTZ: Galvasair, Shimrock, Mundi Kundoni, Havok Sotken or ratikilla

USTZ: Blackfyre, Ponykeg and Slyder

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Still recruiting

Recruitment is still open

Recruitment is still open gents

Still looking for more smeg heads

Recruitment is still open

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