Looking for PVPers, PVEers, Explorers and Industrialists

Hello Potential Recruits,

We are Brittas Empire a Nullsec based Corporation and we are looking for like minded pilots to come join our ranks. We are a very sarcastic group of pilots, who give one another a hard time for the lolz but we also offer a community of pilots from all New Eden backgrounds who are happy to share there knowledge and experience help those looking to learn!

All time zones are Welcomed
Discord Comms [Corp]
Mumble Comms [Alliance]

We Offer:

  • Buyback services!
  • Corp Owned Systems for isk gains
  • Alliance and Corp Systems Catered to Industry!
  • Corp level PVP!
  • Freight Services!
  • Alliance level Warfare!

We do carry out an ESI Check and a one to one chat prior to joining the team at Brittas.

You have any Questions? Pop in for a Chat:
In Game: Brittas-Rec
Discord: https://discord.gg/FJd7M3wcTQ

Speak Soon!!

Want to be part of World War Bee 2!!

‘‘Hone those PVP Skills!!’’ '‘Build and Produce Ships, for the War!’

Come on in, for a Chat!



Looking to join :slight_smile: Carrier pilot pushing towards CAPs

Sorry Paris this didn’t ping me! if your still interested please pop in for a chat!

Still Looking for Pilots to join the ranks! Don’t hesitate to pop in for a chat even if it’s to ask a few questions.

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