[UK/EU/US] Brittas Empire are recruiting. Fighting and krabbing in nullsec as part of PH!

Brittas Empire are looking for pilots to join our team. We are mainly comprised of UK and EUTZ players, but are also looking to expand our USTZ and other timezones so that we can build our corp community and do even more fun stuff together!

We Offer:

  • Fun social gaming atmosphere
  • Access to both alliance & private corp space for ratting, mining & industry, including corp owned moons
  • Corp & Alliance run Buyback & JF services.
  • Alliance Level PVP
  • Small gang corp roams
  • Alliance Flight School access to teach new and rusty players the basics

What we are looking for:

  • Working Mic
  • English speaking
  • Friendly attitude and looking for a laugh - no drama
  • A willingness to PVP - we are happy to teach
  • Minimum 10mil SP

Love your PVP? We are currently engaged in one of EVEs biggest wars and you’re welcome to join the team and jump right in, if that’s your thing.

Sound Good? Got some Questions? Head to over to our Discord:

Speak Soon o7

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I joined this corp a week ago and I highly recommend it to any returning player like me. We have a great nullsec space, mining and ratting opportunities, but also some great PVP.

Come by discord if you want to ask me any question about my experience so far.

Don’t delay, join today!

What are you waiting for, we have pvp and ratting/mining space!

Recruitment still open, come find your new home!

Looking for nerds to join!

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