Brothers of Tyr is recruiting for PvP, Mining, and Ratting

Brother’s of Tyr runs with one motto “You reap what you sow”. That being said, we are brothers. We look out for each other and support each other through our trials and tribulations.

We are a small but established Corps with a strong and defensible home base in Nullsec and a base in Highsec as well

What we offer
- Maturity and Policies to maintain that
- Real Life first
- Experienced help and well-rounded, knowledgeable corps mates
- Nullsec and Highsec
- Mining Fleets, Indy, PvP Fleets and PvE
- An active Discord server with Directors always near to hand
- US/Euro TZ
- An open environment where participation and leading fleets in all of the
activities Eve has offer is encouraged

What we expect
- Voice communication during fleets
- Contribution to defense
- People willing to train to assist the Corps
- Participation in Corps events and fleets when possible
- Maturity

Join Broty.Recruitment and come have a chat!

Come join the adventure!

Join our discord and come have a chat! BTYR Eve Online [BROTY]

Come see what we are about!

Come get stuck in to the fight.

Come have a chat, see what we are about and join the adventure! Join our discord BTYR Eve Online [BROTY]

Come get stuck in and enjoy all aspects of this amazing game with a great group of guys!

Come have a chat!

See what we are about and join the adventure!

Come join the fight!

Come have a chat!

Come have a chat and see what we are about!

Come build an Empire!

Come have a chat!

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