[BROTY] Brothers of Tyr - Teamwork, Tactics, Maturity, and Trust

Brothers of Tyr:

The future is what we make it. We control our fate, and we have decided. We will fight for Glory, becoming Immortal, among the vastness of space, and the Empires within it, through our Legacy.

We are a family, a unit, that follows one motto: “You reap what you Sow.” This being said, what you do for your Brothers will be done to you, and together we will see success and Glory, through Victory and Honor. We fight for every moment, we fight for each other. We, are Brothers of Tyr.

What we offer:

  • We are looking to Rebuild our Corporation from the ground up
  • NBSI Policy
  • PvE/Industry in LowSec
  • PvP in Faction Warfare/LowSec/NullSec

What we are looking for:

  • Mature Pilots/Leadership Material
  • Can use a Mic, or can use Speakers to listen.
  • Attention to Orders and Details
  • Skilled and New Pilots (2.5 mil SP requirement)
  • Can balance fun and situational seriousness
  • You to Apply and join our Discord: BTYR Eve Online [BROTY]

CEO: Mikhail Klashnikov

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