Brute Force Solutions is recruiting! [Sov Null] [USTZ]

Brute Force Solutions [BFG] is a Null Sec PVP Alliance. We are currently part of a small but growing coalition which holds Sov in Scalding Pass. We are primarily a USTZ Alliance though we do have some EUTZ pilots.

Who we are:
-Relaxed Atmosphere
-High activity on weekends
-Will fly anything (subcaps and caps)
-Treat each other like family

What we want:
-Active players
-Good attitude
-Willing to listen and learn

What we offer:
-USTZ PVP Action
-Fun Roams with experienced FCs
-Blops Fleets
-Alliance SRP Program
-Fully upgraded iHubs across our constellation offering our pilots plenty of ways to make ISK
-Tax Free PI to all alliance members
-Teamspeak Server (Mic is required)

If you enjoy PVP, having lulz, trolling local, and harvesting tears you’ll fit right in.

Join in-game channel BWA-Public and contact Blaze Tiberius and Joshbreezy Austrin if you are interested in joining us. We have a variety of corporations to fit your needs and experienced CEOs ready to help you become the best Eve Player that you can be!

All potential applicants must pass a Full API key check.

Just a reminder, however…BFG doesn’t have Supers. :slight_smile:

Bump. :slight_smile:

Take look at what we have to offer!!

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bump for notice!!

bump for joining up

bring your corp into the fold… We got the space and content you need!!. pm me

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