US PVP - Brute Force Solutions - Recruiting

We are Brute Force Solutions, a USTZ PVP corp currently operating out of the Catch region of Null Sec.
We fly under NBSI (Not Blue, Shoot It) rules of engagement.
Whether you’re interested in PVP, Industry or something in between, this is the corp for you!
We offer a friendly environment for newer players, PVP fleets at least 2 times per week, a corporate Ship-Replacement Program and mining opportunities for all corp members near our home system.
Come join our public channel: ‘.BFG. Public’ and apply today!
Feel free to send a message or open a convo with Wok Presley in game or Wok#3578 on Discord!
See you in fleet!

Apologies for foul mouthed FC


BumpBumpBump like an afk pilot on tether…

Still recruiting!




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