After a 5 year hyatus The Bastards have returned. EVE online’s oldest Pirate corp have emerged from the shadows to wreak havoc and destruction once more. Currently we are enrolled with the Gallente Federation and SEDITION Alliance.

Recruitment is limited and selective but applications will be taken from today, please evemail me / dm me in-game.

What are we currently looking for;
*Chill dudes and gals only, I cant be arsed with drama
*Battlecruiser capable pilots (yes, Drakes are fine)
*At least some PVP experience
*Negative sec status is cool but not required
*More EU TZ would be nice but the Alliance is active around the clock

What do we offer;
*Active Alliance with regular content and good FC’s.
*JF services and ships on contract
*Alliance Tournament team slots are available (don’t expect to much)
*We like beer and explosions

Don’t be shy and come chat in our public channel; Dbastards or message me.




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