Buddy invites and rewards from other players

1 000 000 SP + 580 000 000 - 680 000 000 Mil ISK


You’ll get bonus ISK if you upgrades to Omega on secure.eveonline.com

* *Important: * *

Before you pay, write me a letter in the game on MaXamer X character.



I am a new player in Eve Online. My account age is (I believe) 8 days old when I write this reply.
I just realize this buddy program is really a huge advantage for newbies. However it is unfortunate I join Eve Online without invitation from anyone.

There are some questions related to this program:

  1. As I join Eve without any invitation from anyone, may I have the Buddy Program benefit for new player? As if the answer is yes, how can I obtain the benefit?
  2. I have some friends who will joining me soon. How can find my referral link for them?

Thank you in advance. I really hope that I am eligible for the Buddy Program benefits.

You can accept it from anyone but as they themselves get a big reward if an account using their referral goes omega make sure you strike a good deal with the one giving it out. They get 14 days of premium time out of it which has quite a bit of value in game.

If no one is giving you an honest deal or if you feel that you want to do it yourself you can even create your own invite referral using your current alpha account.

Hi Magnus!

How about if I use your referral code?
But my account is already established and even this is going to 9th days old soon. I don’t know if my account is still eligible or not.

As if it still eligible, I don’t mind the player who help me will get a huge benefit. I really enjoy my first days here in Eve. Everyone is so friendly and helpful despite the cruel space.

So, huge benefit? Why not?

Well I’m, not really into tracking people if they went omega or not and all that. At the same time I’m not in to taking advantage of people either, at least not newbies. So you should either use someone’s referral who is giving you an actual isk reward if you sub or just use your own.

So find one advertising with an isk reward or create your own by going here https://www.eveonline.com/recruit

1 000 000 SP + 580 000 000 - 680 000 000 Mil ISK


You’ll get bonus ISK if you upgrades to Omega on secure.eveonline.com

* *Important: * *

Before you pay, write me a letter in the game on MaXamer X character.


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Once you’ve upgraded to Omega, contact me in game to receive a generous ISK payment to help start your career and feel free to ask any questions you might have. Also, please disclose the date of when you created your account with the referral link.

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