[-BUDS] Burning Dreams - Providence and Domain lowsec

Burning Dreams is a cozy little indy corp based out of Providence and Domain lowsec made up of goofballs who want to move beyond their carebear ways after finally discovering the joy of watching ships, that aren’t ours, EXPLODE! We’re not trying to massively swell our ranks, but are looking for fellow eve vets who want to settle down in a stable corp that understands real life comes first. Corp activities include frolicking through Provi, roasting ships over a warm gate fire, and playing cat and mouse in FW space. For your income needs there are plenty of moons to mine and null to rat in. As the corp grows we hope to expand the horizon of what we are capable of doing. USTZ and NBSI btw

20m sp min
Use of both Discord and Teamspeak (Mic is needed)
Esi access

Contact either Jezzer Shras, Seela Cyberclaw or join our public channel in game: Burning P

Good morning new eden, well for us Americans at least o7 Recruitment is open

still open for recruitment

Join now

If you would like too know more send me an evemail and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible

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