Bureau of Antiquities Recruiting

Bureau of Antiquities - High-sec/Newbro/PvE - Looking for Players


About us:

We are a small corp that enjoys hanging out, running missions, getting into shenanigans and generally having a fun time playing the game. We don’t have mandatory fleets or SP/ISK requirements, all we ask is be respectful to your fellow players and have a fun time, what’s the point if you’re not having enjoying the game?

We are based in Zoohen, only a few jumps from Dodixie. We are mostly Gallente even though were in
Amarr Empire space.

Who we accept:

We accept new and old players alike! We can help you newbros learn the game and give you some content. Most of our players are in the EU with a couple in NA timezones.

Our Plans:

We plan on dipping or toes into PvP activities to see some cheap and expensive “fireworks” and dabbling in wormhole space for mining, exploration, PvE/PvP and maybe setting up a forward base!

What we can currently provide:

  • We have some industrials providing free, commonly used, T1 modules with ships at reduced prices.

  • We can run level 4 security agents for all 4 empire factions + sisters of eve.

  • Group activities with the corp (mining, pve missions, pvp)

Our public channel is called “BoA-Public” come say hello!

Send me an email in game at Maxlace Lapwell or to our CEO Pan-man Echerie

-Discord: https: //discord.gg/CjcQ9g78uZ

hey, still looking for recruits

recruitment still open

recruitment still open

recruitment is open

we are still looking for new players

I’m interested. Are you still open to new members? Send me some Mail or DM me to get in touch

sounds interesting - 90m + sp here, left null looking for a more relaxed life

Still looking for corp members, come say hello and give us a try!

been a while since ive bumped, but we are looking still!

recruitment is still open, come say hello!

Our corp is looking for some more players, come say hello!

Recruitment is still open. Come say hi in our public channel!

We are still looking for more players, come check us out!

Our corp is still open for new recruits! Come say hello and check us out

Extreme Noob player. I’m looking for a corporation (my first, so be gentle…). Flying Caldari if that matters.

I honestly don’t yet know what I’m looking for in a corporation yet. Yours seems active, diverse in scope and bit laid back. If I’m incorrect about that let me know.

Corp recruitment is open. Send me, or our CEO, an email in game and chat for a bit!

Our corp is still looking for people! Come say hello in our public channel or discord

We are still recruiting! Come say hi

The corp is still looking for people, come by and say hi!