Bussard Scoop, Particle Converter, Ambient Syphon, whatever

  1. High slot item, and it’s mounted on the spot of a turret, but fans out as something resembling a solar sail
  2. It’s a passive module.
  3. It doesn’t use much CPU.
  4. It does increase signature radius by a modest amount. These things are ‘noisy’.
  5. The device sucks in particle energy from surrounding space. This energy is converted into a small but significant bonus to capacitator recharge rate or capacitator.

What fit are you thinking this would be useful on?

Sounds like OP just wants a perma nos.

@Khannea_Sun-Tzu just use a capacitor control circuit rig, it’ll be better and we don’t need to come up with silly things that aren’t necessary

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Having space in high slots, not enough energy for mid and lows. You add a little energy with a fairly plausible explanation. Plus the fit given a nice structure on the turrent mount will look awesome AF. Means, opportunity, motive, “rationale”.

No, this is called an energy nosferatu, or…cap rechargers, batteries, boosters, power relays, cap rigs, a bunch of skills, implants, boosters…

Ya know, the thousand and one different ways to increase your capacitor.

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