Capacitor Slow Recharge / Missing Everying Close

New to eve, here’s my build. Why am I missing everything? I think I may need a short range energy weapon or something because all mine are med-long.

[Paladin, Cassius Au Andromedus’s Paladin]
Shield Flux Coil II
Nanofiber Internal Structure II
Expanded Cargohold II
800mm Crystalline Carbonide Restrained Plates
Signal Distortion Amplifier I
Signal Amplifier I
Co-Processor II

Relic Analyzer I
Survey Scanner II
Cargo Scanner II
500MN Microwarpdrive I

Dual Heavy Beam Laser I
Tachyon Anode Particle Stream I
Mega Beam Laser I
Mega Afocal Maser I
Large Ancillary Remote Armor Repairer
Large Ancillary Remote Shield Booster
Prototype Cloaking Device I
Auto Targeting System II

Large Auxiliary Thrusters II
Large Drone Mining Augmentor II

Mining Drone I x15

Nanite Repair Paste x54
Cap Booster 200 x5
Multifrequency L x4

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Did you even look at the fit? New players aren’t flying around in 3 billion ISK marauders. Obvious troll…

The guy also dropped that P2W comment as well :smiley:

Which Drew conveniently removed and flagged us for trolling…

@QuakeGod @Gix_Firebrand knock it off, new player, asking question in new player Q&A section. Your judgement not needed here, be helpful.

Lots of people saying I’m trolling, and i see why. I promise its just because i like the game and wanted to spend money to help boost my progress. Thats it. Please help me out here with reccomendations.

Use the workbench fit.

I got the workbench fit. I still don’t know why my capacitors are draining so fast and I’m missing all my shots up close.

Does anyone have a link to where I can learn about this stuff myself in-depth since the newbie forums seems filled with people who just get upset for no real reason and don’t help much?

Also; for the crystals you have several listed in the cargo bay in varying amounts. Are you reccomending I carry multiple types as backups?

The reason there is dual props is so you can keep proper range on the guns. You wanna use drones to take care of frigs/smaller ships that get close.

You may not have the proper support skills to run the ship. Also the ship isn’t cap stable, which means don’t run your reps all the time unless you need to.

You have to balance running the reps with killing enough ships to lower the incoming DPS enough.

Diff crystals have diff properties.

Look if you are a true newb, I would highly recommend not running 4s in a marauder until you get a solid grasp of game mechanics. I sense you used your CC to get where you are at.

I would recommend running 2s in a cruiser until you understand the missions, then skill up to 4s.

Also stay away from SoE hubs unless you wanna get hawked :smiley:

You can read the Eve Uni wiki about turret mechanics and capacitor. But that’s just knowledge. We could copy and paste the articles here but it’s better to get familiar with that source as it’s an unofficial manual of sorts.

The point of going up through Level 1, 2, 3, and finally 4 missions is to see how different speeds the NPCs move, what happens as you upscale your ship and how you have to fly it at what ranges, how your increasing turret size deals damage to bigger and smaller class ships, slow introduction into drone support skills for smaller craft, and then finally after running Level 4s in a regular battleship, adding the Bastion for a marauder and understanding positioning and range before rooting yourself. That’s experience, and it is hard to give that to you over a forum.

And then I’m not even going into the meta game, how you may be targeted for destruction by other players. That’s a whole separate thing to learn!

Eve is a game that rewards preparation, planning; then execution; then learning from the experience; then once more preparation and planning. That’s the loop, no single person here can do that for you. Where perhaps some of the other comments come from, is by going straight to marauders, you’ve got a lot to learn and experience with very high value items. It’s perhaps riskier than you realize, because when something goes wrong, you have a lot to lose on the table, instead of the same lesson being learned from something going wrong but only risking a cheaper ship.


That is kinda spectacular. Looks like Marauders are getting cheap.

But ok, let’s treat it like a Thrasher or an Atron request.
Let’s focus: New player.
That means basic skills. Such a ship needs a huge amount of skill points, not only for steering the ship itself, but all the meta skills as well. Part of it is Capacitor Management and other cap optimizing skills. Before even thinking about buying a Paladin I want to have skilled them all up to V. These ships are designed for well skilled chars (and players, too, but that was already mentioned :wink: ).
Additionally you can consume some drugs and implants that also enhance your capacitor abilities.

And the fitting: I admit I’ve never flown a Marauder yet, so at first I didn’t want to talk about that.
My first guess: MWD are Cap drains, even when not activated. Your ship won’t be quick anyway…

But then I had a closer look at what you posted: Honestly, are you trolling us? Na, wait, I want to treat it like an honest newbro question, ok.
My choice: Strip fit.
There’s no ship that is able to perform all tasks you may want to do, no matter how expensive it is.
So you have to choose:

  • Do you want to explore (Relic + Data Analyzer)? Take a specialized Frigate.
  • You want to go mining (survery scanner, mining drones)? There’s a large varity of minig ships, they do a marvellous job.
  • Do you want to support fleet members (Remote repairer)? Some ships build a cap chain or are specialized logistic ships, but you always put repairers of the same tank class (shield OR armor) on a vessel.
  • Newbro fitting rule No 1: Don’t mix weapons. 4 badly working different systems are way worse than one coordinated system of 4 matching guns (or launchers).
  • Cloaking sounds fun and cool, but it isn’t. It’s not too easy to handle and has some disadvantages, for you need ages to lock a small target.
  • T2 Rigs sound reasonable, but then it’s mandatory to also fit T2 (or better) modules.

So first of all, ask yourself before leaving any station: What do I want to do? Then you have to chose a ship - and then a fit.

These also drain cap as long as they are not fuelled, btw. Whom are you gonna rep? They don’t help your own ship, only other ships (thus “Remote”).

It’s to remote rep his mining drones of course…:rofl:

I’d say it takes two minutes to lock them. Are repairer smartbombs already invented? That would be a thing here. These are called command burst modules, but unfortunately won’t help drones.

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