Buying All Toons at the best prices INSTANT ISK ๐Ÿ’ต


(Kaotik) #67

How much are you offering? Iโ€™m trying to start over brand new.

(Limited Liability) #68

@Mad_dog_Alpha 17 billion

(Limited Liability) #69

@Kaotik 12.5 billion

Edit sorry @Kaotik I just realised I offered 13bill earlier I will stick by that so 13 bill it is

(Cindy Wallker) #70

@Limited_Liability I saw i didnt tag you in my post.

I agree on the 27bil b/o. please send ISK / Account name and ill start the transfer

(Narckolog) #71

WTS 94,7m SP SubCap PvP Pilot - I am ready to sell for 85b, just leave a messsage, you can send me ISK and account for transfer.

(Enigma Anastasis) #72

Operators are standing by :stuck_out_tongue: .

(Mad dog Alpha) #73

Okay, if you send the isk I will send him over to you

(Mad dog Alpha) #74


(Cindy Wallker) #75


(Jack Sinistro) #76


(Grand Design) #77

(Bo0nTard) #78

offer on this alt

(13 JokerofBlack) #79

Hows about this guy?

(MeetJoeBlack) #80


(Das Mort) #81

(Salvator Drak) #82 Looking to possibly sell this toon.

(Julius Priscus) #83

price on this character please

hoping for more than 170b

(Kunth) #84

make me an offer

(Supa Diva) #85


(Tollo Arfran) #86


How much for this character: ?