Buying bulk compressed HS Ores in dodixie

(Larkness) #1

Hey guys!

Just getting my name out there for any mining corps or individuals who operate in gallente space and would like to sell directly in dodixie - I base my prices off the buy orders in jita but I am open to negotiation of a fair price if you would be able to supply me on short notice.

As it stands I have existing buy orders in dodixie station of approx 5b with an additional 5b of ores required still.

Feel free to msg me.

Kind Regards,

(Larkness) #2

Currently sitting at 9.6B worth of buy orders in dodixie and the botane citadel - I challenge you to fill them!! :grinning:

(zirella evans) #3

What ores you looking for i’m just a alpha but going omega again in next few weeks

(system) #4

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