Buying Ishtar/Mining Pilot - pref around 50-80mil skill points

Looking for something that can fly mining barges and Ishtars if possible

Is this near to what you are looking for?

hi how much are u looking for it ? - Kiki Morgan can u access this link for an ishtar pilot. the toon has less than 15m sp but atleast it can fly ishtars. minus the tech 2 heavy drones.

2 bonus remaps and 1 yearly remap all unused.

lmk if your are interested or annot access link

i offer 22B for your char, if you want i have my own post, i will wait for and answer here or my post

Hi, thanks for the offer, I would like 25bil if I can get it, but maybe you can move a bit closer to that?

25B isk rdy for Percia Coulomb

ok, 25b then, write in my post WTB fax pilot or ishtar pìlot - #2 by Kiki_Morgan and i will transfer the isk and info when you do it

That’s not really how auctions work is it? :face_with_hand_over_mouth: