Buying Moon Ore (Jita Only)

Buying the Following Moon Ore

  • Cinnabar

  • Loparite

  • Monazite

  • Otavite

  • Ytterbite

All contracts will be a Jita split from
Please Compress if you can but if not we can discuss price.
Contract send to Seller of Covid.

How to make contracts:

Are we even on the same game, are those even New Eden Ore?

Wormhole Moons are classified by rarity using the conventions R4, R8, R16, R32 , …

I don’t believe Wormholes are a part of New Eden.

Everything listed can be found in low/null

Thanks for your questions though.

The R4-64 ores are all found in null, with the lower rarities also available in lowsec or 0.5 hisec systems.

So even if wormholes aren’t part of new eden, yes they are New Eden Ores - there’s break down here of availability by region: Region Moon Distribution - DOTLAN :: EveMaps

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