[C-D] Cloak and Daggers Recruiting & Rebuilding - Null Sec living

Cloak and Daggers is an old Corp living in Null sec, we are small, friendly, English speaking group, looking to bring in new members to help the Corp grow. We are primarily EU based, with members in the US and AU time zones, we are looking to increase our numbers in both all time zones.

We are looking for Combat pilots, Industrial alts are more than welcome. We have access to fully upgraded PVE and Industrial systems, so you can make all the ISK you need, and we have 3 regions worth of DED 10 sites to play with.

We offer:

A friendly and helpful team to belong to
3 Region wide Sov null space
Regular Alliance lead fleets
Experienced Alliance FCs
A Real life first policy to gaming
No monthly PAP requirement

What we ask:

Willingness to join PVP fleets
You have a minimum of 10 mil SP

Drop into C&D RECRUITMENT channel in game for a chat.

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