C0NTRABAND INC. - *update* Recruitment reopened

Just finished shooting a station, some capitals, and battleships… what were you doing at lunch?

C0ntraband is full of great and experienced pilots! We’re very organized and the pilots are helpful. Laziness and sloppiness won’t be found here. Come join our community!

Stop by our lounge or discord to chat if you are interested in joining or just want to say hi. Recruitment is still open to qualified players.

Daily bump

Come check us out, fun to be had and salt mining daily.

Hook up with me today to start getting a new direction in eve!

Daily content, come fly with the best small corp community in game.

We have cake and punch!

Hookers and blow

Cake, punch, hookers and blow quiet Tuesday for me sod it count me in!!

and naked frozen girls

Still recruiting mature (ish) fun loving people to join our Corp, all walks of eve welcome but must be at least willing to learn new things and participate as part of the group. Join us in Conin Lounge today and jump on our discord to speak with me or any of the recruiters any time there is almost always someone available.

Looking to get some new blood in today stop by the lounge, if your are even considering a change of scenery or pace! Let’s talk about what your lacking and how we can get you back on track having fun in this game.

on a more serious note when do i get my hookers and blow :smiley:


A name I’ve not seen in a while :slight_smile: Good luck guys!

o/ Eleese! Been ages, good to see you still playing, drop in the lounge and chat any time and thanks for the love :slight_smile:

Daily bump

Epic bunch of lads, great space and a top alliance. You really can do whatever style of gameplay you wish out here.

Still looking for able bodied and disable bodies to join the ranks, Join the lounge or reach out on discord to make your mark.