C0NTRABAND INC. - *update* Recruitment reopened

C0ntraband Inc are pleased to announce, recruitment has re-opened.

Contraband joined Razor Alliance about 2 months ago, and are now part of the Red Menace Coalition. We’ve quickly found our feet within Razor, spent some time at the top of the alliance on Zkillboard, and regularly top 3. We’re also building a strong industrial backbone, which is making mining more rewarding than ratting. Rorq mining by the coalition is also creating some great content!

We offer the following:

  • Regular PVP – featuring small, nimble fleets which keeps things interesting.
  • Great leadership – that has first-hand experience of almost anything Eve offers.
  • Wallet enhancing – whether ratting, mining, moon-goo, abyssal sites, we can offer support to help you make isk quicker, so you can PVP more.
  • All the usual services, voice comms, forums, discord, Auth etc
  • Subsidised super-caps, and heavily discounted carriers/dreads with active participation.
  • Our CEO Marv will happily haul minerals for you to null sec, and really enjoys being called Marv or Mario
  • Understanding that RL> Eve. Where possible we put duration on roams, and aim to get you back to start in time

C0ntraband Inc are led by a number of veterans who were CEO/Directors of the original Contraband Inc, who were previously ranked top 10 on Eve Killboards. They became the 5th corp to join Mercenary Coalition (back when MC were actually elite and exclusive). Afterwards the leadership went on to become Senior Directors within the likes of Band of Brothers, The Initiative and others. A significant portion of this driving force has returned to re-ignite the Contraband flame.

We require:

  • Active participation – Be active in corp/alliance
  • Teamplayer – Eve is a multiplayer game, solo-players need not apply.
  • Your main desire in the game, is to PVP. No problem if you enjoy ratting/mining, but the end goal behind it is to PVP.
  • We understand that people take holidays/work away/have family problems, so you might not be on across a week, but if this is regular you’ll be asked to leave.
  • Either the ability to fly alliance/corp doctrines or willingness to train them immediately.
  • A good understanding of the game and it’s mechanics
  • Must be Omega
  • Over 10mil SP (however this is the least important requirement)
  • You to call Mar0vinchian by his nickname of ‘Marv’

Other members of the Management team have years of Eve experience covering all aspects of the game. Joining Razor has allowed us much greater opportunity to build isk, therefore be less risk averse when taking fights. Everyone knows taking and winning fights you shouldn’t, are the most rewarding.

Either contact an official recruiter, or join ‘CONIN Lounge’ in game, or hit us up on Discord
Official Recruiters

  • Jokurra

Used to fly with the original Contraband back in my MC days. After returning to the game and finding they were recruiting it was a logical choice knowing how they operate.

Been in corp a couple of months now. Great bunch of guys and fun to fly with so come join us you wont regret it.

OMG You actually called him Marv :smiley:

I can not wait to see the Salt.
Enjoy the Free Bump Boys!

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Great bunch of guys, made me feel very welcome

Hello, future C0ntra pilots! Don’t hesitate to reach out on Discord my tag is below or you can join the ingame channel and join our discord and find me on there. Also will let you know if i am on and currently talking to applicants! we have exciting times ahead can’t wait to hear from you!

Discord tag: spiked amarr#0703
Currently Online!

It has been a completely new adventure bringing back our old corp and has been awesome to see all the old faces coming back to game to help make it kick ass again this time around. We are working hard together and having a lot of fun once again creating this community. If you want to be part of something that even many years after disbanding still gives you a reason and desire to play eve again, come join up. Talk to anyone in Conin Lounge or hit up one of the main recruiters in the advertisement post. I look forward to meeting all of you and farming salt together or going suicidal on a roam.



■■■■ you Jokurra

Bump, I am available most of today, and currently speaking to other potential recruits.

Hit me up in game, or on Discord.

Recently returned after a 4 year break, and couldn’t have chosen a better place to restart my EVE journey .
Great location with access to whatever style of game-play you are looking for, but most importantly a great bunch of guys across all timezones.

daily bump

Just finished takking a fleet out with the alliance, these bois are always in fleets, some aggressive PvPrs here, great place to farm some salt (yuo get Salt by calling the CEO Marv). :wink:

I’ll give u some salt…zzzzzip

Join up and be rewarded with the cure for cancer.

Need more EST players, preferably Canuks… but Mericans are fine too :laughing: On that note we need more people with ascents xD

For those of you who don’t speak Lopez, the word is “accents”…”accents”.

But hey his guns work great!

Luv u

Pew pew on the forums
Pew Pew ingame.

Recruitment drive still going, come chat in Conin Lounge and click the discord link to find us there. Content daily, loads of fun to be had here with a great group of people!

Ya’ll better buckle up ! Because we’re going for the ride of our lives!!!

Daily bump

Taking names come sign up today, right now!