C1 no effect HS Static

HS Worm Hole

Atsra and Rait and all POCOs and 1 large offline fueled Dick Star / Death Star Tower (will give corp control over for Tower worth 3-4 bill)

Astra has a Clone Bay and weapons + power efficiency Rigs 2 Bill
Rait has Hayas Research Lab with ME and TE research Rig. $$$ 2 Bill
POCOs 1-2 Bill
7 Planets 68 Moons

Produces 7-10 Bill in PI 9-12 Characters a month on Construction Blocks alone.
good for 1-4 players totaling 18-24 Characters will make 30 bill with just PI and mining. plus another 5-10 bill on Researched BPOs.

Will Teach how to lock down WHs in under 2 mins,
2 dead corp towers dating back years. I’ve had the WH almost 3 years.

Includes the Astra, Rait and 4 Stratious WH closing Ships with1 Heavy Dictor for WH closing. plus PI ships and scouts ship, will teach new tenants if needed

May Sell PI Characters cheap if you want em. I will store my combats toons in HS to retired for a year while they train in case i want to come back later.

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send me an ingame mail

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