WH System Info Link: [REDACTED]

Here are some information for your conveniences:

  • Nobody else lives there.
  • No local spatial phenomenon.
  • Astrahus is unfitted (except for the clone bay) but fueled.
  • There are Barren, Lava, Temperate, Storm and Gas planets in this system (but no customs office).
  • There’s a fuelless starbase in that system.
  • This system has been wiped clean in Jan 2020 and the most recent combat was in Mar 2020, so don’t worry!

This is my first time selling a WH but that shouldn’t be a big problem :slight_smile:
The price is negotiable and I hope it would be around 12bil.
If you are interested in it please send me in-game mail with your quote and concern (if you have any).




500 Mil

Not an ideal price :frowning:

Sorry to let you down bro, but you wont get anywhere near 12 bil, you are looking at 2-3 topps and thats if people want to pay that :confused:

Negotiations are welcome :slight_smile:

550 Mil

Mail me with reasonable price please

I offered them 3b as a highball, and they did the old oh someone is already interested at 4b can you go higher seller trick…

Then you should start from 2 bil :wink:

Not a trick though. Already sold it for 4Bil.

SOLD! :laughing:

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