WTS C2-C3-Hi

Spring is here!
Snow is melting down and while you can observe dog’s ■■■■ under it, your years (which are finally not frozen) hear birds around. The Rusty Wheel has done its spin again, ready to another one, therefore for the new beginning. The ashes deep inside of the J105951 are cooling down. There is no more work for battle masters nor for mastodons, the last of which have already left the system with moaning – to the high-security space. There is only the citadel left – one and lonely. Will it find his new master? Would you like to be one?

Sale, sale, sale! WH 2-3-HS with many planets, many moons, a lot of farming potential, where the one and only limitation is your own imagination! It’s totally free, we’ve already done all the dirty work for you!

The cosy home with HS-static or unfuckable fortress (while all WH are closed) just by choice of yours! The new brand Astrahus as a bonus – with preinstalled core and clone bay. As if it’s not enough we’re going to left some fuel and battleships for you to make your gathering even more comfortable. Ratting in this king of the system is one of the easiest, you are able to reach it even with the alpha-Gila. 50kk by the 3-wave anomaly without any points, easy isks!
No POCOs - just install yours and create your Planetary Empire

If you think this system is perfect for the solo player or a small corporation – you’re goddammit right!

Feel free to discuss the price in our Discord.

Kindest regards,

As an associate of P A R A B E L L U M , a group who play Eve with the sole purpose of evicting corps from wormholes and looting the remains

I have a legit question for you:

  • How long do you typically wait before you come back and evict the person you’ve sold it to this time?
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We’ve already sold 3 WHs and no one of owners had any problems with us later. We play fair.
If you’re accusing us in evicting the new owners, could you send a ZKB link to support your accusation?

Best regards,


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