WTS C2>3/HS with Fitted Astrahus

Inactive 3rd party POCOs with low taxes, decent PI. 60 moons to fulfill all your mining fantasies.

Astra comes fully combat fit with a generous supply of fuel and ammunition.

Looking for 2.5b. Message in-game or post here for details.

system ID please? very interested

In-game mail sent.

Blah blah bump has to say more than bump but there’s no details to add. Stupid rule is stupid.

It’s a long way to the top if ya wanna sell a hole.

Still for sale. Citadel boasts lovely scenic ocean views.

Can I get the J-Sig? Any effects?

Hot single wormholes in your area!

big ups

Perfect WH for new J-spacers!

J-sig and evepraisal of the astrahus if possible. Thanks

info sent

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