[C2-WH, HS] Critical Mass Incorporated is looking for PvE and Industry focused players!

Greetings all!

I represent Critical Mass Incorporated, a Hi-Sec based Corp in Amarr space. We have a heavy focus towards mining/industry and do PvE sites such as Emerging Conduits.

We have a pretty relaxed culture with no in-game obligations. Real life comes first for us. Currently we are looking for new players who like to learn and seasoned players who want to apply their skills to what we do. Our members operate in several time zones across the US and EU.

Contact us on discord if you feel like you would be a good fit or just if you have any questions!


We want to start chain production on larger ships like orcas and freighters!

Join our discord if you are interested!

Reactions going up near our home soon!

Interesting. Amarr space…? Hmmm… I like Industry and ship building. Mining too. Looking to get back into Eve, but just don’t have a lot of time. Running BP’s and the like. I might be able to assist in certain areas, but if you need someone on all the time, well…

Join our Discord or send me an in-game PM and we can talk

Had to work on getting Discord to function. :stuck_out_tongue: Got it! I’ll see about PM’n you in game. Talk to you again later.

Reactions going up near our HS home soon!

Yes, that was my fault, because the link I had provided expired. It should work now if you want to try again. Our Corp is available 24/7 on discord.

Join our discord for some action this weekend!

This weekend we will be group running lvl 4 SoE missions!

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