[C2-WH, HS] Critical Mass Incorporated is looking for PvP and Industry focused players!

Greetings all!

I represent Critical Mass Incorporated, a wormhole based Corp that also has presence in Hi-Sec. We have a heavy focus towards mining/industry but do PvE sites and PvP. Recently we have had much activity in our home WH System which has required us to quickly and effectively split our focus in a defensive way. If you are looking for action we’ve got it!

Currently we are looking for new players who like to learn and seasoned players who want to apply their skills to what we do. WE ARE LOOKING FOR MORE PEOPLE FROM EUTZ. Our members operate in several time zones across the US and EU.

Contact us on discord if you feel like you would be a good fit or just if you have any questions!

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Like blasting space rocks while shooting the ■■■■? Give us a try!

Had a blast this weekend! Come join the fun and banter!

Still looking! Give us a shout!

Two new members got a hold of us yesterday and look like they’re going to fit in well. We are still looking for more!

A new mining foreman just joined up! If you’re a comfy Hisec miner, here’s a good opportunity!

3 Three members joined just yesterday!

Our active membership has grown by 4x in the last two weeks; come join the fun!

After a two week recruitment hiatus to get to know our new members, we are ready to open up to new members! See you in Discord!

Friendly bump. Could you please update the discord invite, it is invalid. Thanks, hope to talk to you soon.

Updated just now, my apologies!

3 have joined us in the last week. Big moves are about to be made!

We had a successful station defense and moon mining op over the weekend! Way to go guys!

2 of our Wormhole brethren have joined us after being kicked out of their previous home. Welcome!

Waiting around for something to happen this weekend?

Come join our Discord!

Upgrading to a new Wormhole soon with HS + C3 statics!

Just learning the ropes? Looking for a “safe” haven outside of nullsec? Just want some friends?

Join us!

Looking for someone to fly with this weekend?

Contact us!

Calling all booster junkies!

Firing up reactions this week!

Come navigate the in’s and out’s of Wormhole space on a roam this weekend!

Doing some low risk pvp roams this weekend.

Join our discord recruitment channel if that sounds like something you’d like to get in on!