Critical Mass Incorporated is currently recruiting players both new and old!

We are a Wormhole based corporation that likes to try a little of everything, but our current focus is getting large scale industry underway. We are a mixed group of individuals who play across all US time zones.

Here are a few examples of content that we offer:

  • C2 Wormhole access and all accompanying signatures including valuable ore/gas sites and Data/Relic sites.
  • Access to Moon Mining and Planetary Interaction at 0% tax rate.
    *Small gang and Fleet PvP roams.
    *Wormhole PvE content
    *Access to Industry structures and a library of BPCs
    *Close ties with WrongHole alliance
    *A wealth of knowledge and in game learning experience provided by mature and helpful players.

What we require:
*Slack and Discord profiles (mic preferred)
*Age 25+ (preferred)

Respond to this thread or send an in game PM if interested

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