C2 WH MERCS Looking For Pilots

We are a small corporation looking for experienced players to have small gang fun, make ISK and take names. We currently operate out of a C2 WH with good links. We operate both EU and US timezones.

What do we do? We are mercenaries. We assist wardecs , POS takedowns and, any Problems that can be solved by cold hard isk. We’re pretty new on the blocks, but have seasoned vets to lead you to glory.

What we offer? Creating content that leaves you both entertained and a little embarrassed that internet spaceships can make your hands shake from the adrenaline. We do this by defying the odds in combat and not taking the easy option. We are not station campers. We’re run by solid, experienced players from all walks of Eve, we’re a patient bunch, so you can learn from the best without having to worry about the salt for doing something stupid, as long as you’re having fun and learning.

How do I find out more? Join “Black Dog Mercenaries” channel in game or mail “Atlas Retribution”



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