C3 Pulsar Auction

Selling Wormhole System:

(About the Wormhole)
System Name: J214227

*C3 Pulsar
1 U210 Static (ls)

4 Barren Planets
3 Storm Planets
2 Lava Planets
1 Gas Planet

26 Moons

System Size 20.5 AU
(From sun to planet furthest away)

Typical Killboard Activity:

17 Kills in the last 56 Days

Towers in system:
1x Gallente Control Tower Small (Anchored)
1x Amarr Control Tower Small (Anchored)

This is an auction:
Starting bid 200million ISK

(For 1B il Clear the towers)

Startomg bid 200 Million ISK

Sold for 200Million ISK to an anonymos player