SOLD! WTS C4 Pulsar, С3/С4 Statics

Incredible tragic incident happened!
Our peacefull fleet came across a Wormhole system, still emanating heat from a recent battle. All the men were killed, citadels burned to ashes. Leading by inherent misery, we saved all women and children, valuables, ships and ammunition left on the battlefield from each and every nasty thief which could linger nearby.
So what can we offer:
Pulsar C4 wormhole system with BS-sized static connections to C3 and C4 wormholes. Ideal place for missile/drone shield-based rattling. Both Rattlesnakes and Ravens will do nicely.
C3 connection often leads to K-space (low-sec being the most frequent) so there is no problem in getting in or out.
Planets: 1xBarren, 1xLava, 1xTemperate, 2xGas, 2xOceanic. Each and every type of planetary commodities can be produced there. Custom offices of previous owners are still there and can be shut down for a small additional fee.
There is a fully fitted battle-ready Astrahus inside. We built it for the safety and support of our peaceful mission. We can unanchor it and take away or sell with WH.
So, prices are:
WH itself - 1,4 billion (reasonably negotiable)
Astrahus fitted/stripped - 1,9/0,8 billion
Full stack goes for 3,0 billion
Very nice deal for small corps

For price questions feel free to join or ingame: Kromm XIV

Sent u evemail right now


Thank you for quick respond and action. Will enjoy wh life now )))

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