(SOLD)WTS C4 C3/C4 Statics, Astrahus, Raitaru and Athanor in place

Im looking to sell my home. A C4 with C3(C247) and C4(X877) statics. A quite hole where you are left alone with easy access to Highsec and content on your demand.

Buyer will also get Astrahus, Raitaru and Athanor.
The hole has good PI, Everything you need for fuel, just bring in Ice components.

Currently 20 combat anomalies and 6 ore anomalies on grid

Im happy to use a 3rd party for the transfer.

Dont hesitate to ask any question.

Price 2,5 billion.
Tag: J204230
Planetary Interaction: Possible PI-Products

Do the stations have fittings or rigs?

“Bring in Ice components” guess there are no icebelts in the system?

The stations will be left with a Cloning bay, Moon drill and manufacturing plant.

You wont have icebelts in any wormhole systems… except shattered systems which yo cant anchor a structure in. So living the wormhole life will pretty much always involve hauling ice components in to produce fuel in the hole.

Why do you leave it after not even a year of using? Where’s the catch? I ask cause as far as I know the stations together cost a lot more than the price of the system.

ingame mail sent to you Freyeth

This Sale is still ongoing and open for offers

In-game mail sent

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