C4 Wolf Rayet C2/C3 Statics w/ Structures

Up for sale is our corp wormhole, It’s a C4 wolf Rayet with C2/C3 statics. Both statics will provide exits to K-space for easy logistics and the C3 will also provide amazing isk making opportunities with gas/data and combat sites.

Included with the sale is a fit and fueled Astrahus and Athanor. Also included are Rolling, scanning, and PI ships as well as battleships to run the C3 sites and ventures for huffing gas. Also all custom offices are included.

Speaking of custom offices. There is great PI potential for additional passive isk generation and command centers for the planets will also be stocked in the Astrahus. With it being a C4 you can expect extremely low traffic.


Going price is 4.5 bill

Message me in game for any question. 3rd party for transaction can be used, buyer pays all fees.




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