🪐 WTS C4 with C1/C3, multiple structures, battleships, POCOs

Great hole for a budding corporation, we recently have decided to move up to something with a C5 static for more PvP content.


Nicknamed “Genesis” since it’s perfect for starting out.

What can you use this hole for?

  • Dual statics that guarantees two k-space connections. Great for roaming or logistics.
  • Benefits of living in a C3/C1, with infinite site generation (just roll for more content)
  • C3 is great for casual income (200-300m/hr)
  • C1 is great for new players (50-100m/hr)
  • Perfect PI for passive ISK generation

Additional Structures

1x Staging Astrahus (https://evepraisal.com/a/ma86v)
1x Reaction Athanor (https://evepraisal.com/a/ma881)
9x POCOs

Additional Assets

  • 1B of fuel (330 days on Astrahus)
  • 4x C3 rolling battleships, 20x C1 rolling cruisers
  • Small home defense fleet (battleships)



Looking for 5B. Price negotiable, mail me in-game or add me on Discord: BearThatCares#1337.

How much for wh only ? Please evemail me

I’d at least want to sell the POCOs with it at minimum.

How much for POCos and wh ?

2B? Would take some time to get the structures down(RIP a few billion in rigs), so you’d have to wait a little while. Definitely not ideal.

2b for wh and pocos is too much, man. About structures - I do not want them, why I have too pay for unused structures.
Price is too much, it is not pulsar or not c4 static.

It’s high because I’m not really looking to sell it without the structures lol. There’s plenty of empty ones to purchase, buy those.

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Still for sale, taking down most of the structures.

Have the structures been taken down?

Nope! We won’t be taking down all the structures, no reason to.

BearThatCares I might be interested. Mail me


How busy does it get?
Do you think it could be solo’d with a single Omega account + Alpha emergency scanner

It’s pretty empty, if you’re solo I’d recommend a C1 or C3, 2 statics is a bit much.