[C4 WH PVP] Sirius Proxima is Recruiting

Sirius Proxima is a new Wormhole Corp being run by an old school WHer and a former INIT FC looking to stake out on our own in that scary wormhole space. Running a PVP focused group in a C4 pulsar with C5 and C3 statics Bob will provide for newbros to Wormholes and old bittervets to space.

What we provide:
-A competent leadership team with experience from all over Eve-Corp logistics

-Tripwire used to map out the chain and keep us in the loop on where we are in space

-Discord for comms/out of game communication

-Patience with those that may be new to JSpace; we get it, it’s a very different play-style than other parts of Eve. It is very rewarding, and you don’t have to worry about ti-di!

-C3 and C5 statics for when you need to bring in some of that isk stuff to by fancy space ships

What we ask of you:

-Working microphone and ability to navigate discord

-A covert ops capable character able to at least pilot and scan in an Astero or better

-We are an English speaking corp, so we will need you to be able to as well

-A good attitude ready to learn and help drive content-An understanding that we are a PvP Corporation; We PvE so that we can PvP

-Willingness to train into Corp doctrines

Bonuses if you can:

-Fly Logistics cruisers

-Fly Marauders

-Fly Command BCs

If this interests you, you can contact Xyrene Aurilen or Dave DM in game or join our public channel, Proxima Public. If chat is still broken (thanks CCP) or you just want to hop to our discord, you can jump in and ask to talk to someone HERE!