[C5 WH PVP] Sirius Proxima is Recruiting

Sirius Proxima is a growing Wormhole Corp being run by an old school WHer staking out on our own in that scary wormhole space. Running a PVP focused group in a C5 pulsar with a C5 static.

What we provide:
-A competent leadership team with experience from all over Eve

-Corp logistics and a Corp Buyback Program

-Tripwire used to map out the chain and keep us in the loop on where we are in space

-Discord for comms/out of game communication

-Patience with those that may be new to JSpace; we get it, it’s a very different play-style than other parts of Eve. It is very rewarding, and you don’t have to worry about ti-di!

What we ask of you:

-Working microphone and ability to navigate discord

-A covert ops capable character able to pilot any of the CovOps scanners with T2 Cloak

-The ability to fly the following: T2 Leshak, Loki or Nighthawk

-We are an English speaking corp, so we will need you to be able to as well

-A good attitude ready to learn and help drive content-An understanding that we are a PvP Corporation; We PvE so that we can PvP

-Self sufficient in isk making

-Strongly recommended being able to fly marauders

-Willingness to train into Corp doctrines

-Full ESI check

-Trial Period to ensure that we are a good fit for you, and you are a good fit for us.

Bonuses if you can:

-Fly Logistics cruisers

-Fly Marauders

-Fly Command BCs

If this interests you, you can contact Marie Beldrulf, Wookie Isagar or Xyrene Aurilen or in game or join our public channel, Proxima Public. If chat is still broken (thanks CCP) or you just want to hop to our discord, you can jump in and ask to talk to someone HERE!

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Still recruiting!

We’re still here! Come join us!

Up and still recruiting! Come pew with us!

Still looking for more people to join us :slight_smile:

Still recruiting!

We are still recruiting!

Join the discord if you’re looking to join

Come visit our in game public channel or discord to find out if we’re a good fit for each other!

Definitely still recuiting

We are still recruiting!

Still recruiting!

Still at it! Come fly with us :slight_smile:

Still recuiting

We are still recuiting

Still recruiting

Still looking for more nerds to come shoot things with us!

More people please

Recruiting is still in progress

Recuiting process is still open