[C4][Wormhole] Caprican Initiative - So Say We All

Our Mission

The Caprican Initiative is a casual group that looks to serve and enhance the new player experience during our quest to find a safe haven from the Cylon threat, in the cold darkness of Wormhole space. We are a very casual group that does not take this game seriously. We also understand how frustrating and confusing starting this game can be, and we enjoy helping new players learn it. To us, eve is about the human connections and making friends. In short, if you are a ping warrior or a die-hard pvper, we are not the group for you.

[Corp Killboard:]

[Rules & Regulations]


We focus on playing the game as a game.

What We Offer:

• Corp Fleet (Both PVP & PVE)

• C4 Wolf-Rayet with a C4 & C5 Static

• Free Skill Books (up to 5 million ISK per book)

• 10% Corp Tax

• Indy Division

  • Ore buyback

• Discord (Required for all members)

• Armor Fleets

• Corp SRP

• LGBT Friendly

• Private Pathfinder Server

Corporation Goals

Long Term (6-12 Months):

  • :white_circle: Establish a corporation Black Ops Division
  • :white_circle: Establish T3 Prouction

Short Term (1-5 Months):

  • :white_check_mark: Establish a Ship Replacement Program for corporation ops

  • :white_check_mark: We would like to gain at least 20 members (New & Old)

    • :white_circle: Reach 60 members.
  • :white_circle: We’re hoping to expand the number of corp fleets every week.

  • :white_circle: Increase our EU presence by at least 5 people

  • :white_circle: Increase numbers to begin doing PVP fleets

What are we looking for

  1. We want members who want to play the game as a game.

  2. We want members who take the initiative (generating their ISK).

  3. We want members who don’t mind losing ships (no out of control rage).

  4. You don’t need to know how to play, but you must be open to playing and learning the game.

  5. Due to the nature of wormholes, we can only accept Omega accounts.

If you have any questions or are interested in making Caprica your home, feel free to PM me or send me a mail ingame.

So Say We All,
Caprican Initiative
President of the Twelve Colonies

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Recruitment is still open

Recruitment is still open.

Recruitment is still open.

Recruitment is still open! Contact us today!

Recruiters are available now for anyone interested.

Recruitment is still open. Contact a recruiter for more details or for any questions you may have.

Recruitment is still open. Recruiters are standing by.

Recruitment is open. Contact a recruiter or join our recruitment channel for more information.

Recruitment is open. Please contact a recruiter or join our recruitment channel for more information. Do note that we do not accept random applications.

Recruiters are standing by.

Recruitment is still open.

Recruitment is still open. Random Application to join will not be accepted.

Recruitment is now open again. Feel free to stop by and see about joining us.

Come join us today and fight to save the colonies!

join us today! Recruiters are standing by!

Love the corp - freedom to do whatever I want - no drama, no kids, no BS…

Recruiters are standing by, join today!

Recruit is open and ready to speak with anyone interested.

Recruitment is open and ready for questions.