C4 Wormhole Corp Looking for players like you!

Are you tired of being blueballed in null? Do you want to kick over other peoples sandcastles? Want to move from null to having fun? Want to small gang and feel like you aren’t just a number?

Minds of Murders is a c4 wormhole corp with a C3/C5 Static. Come build wealth and salt with us! What we really want is to help YOU as our team. We are a corp that treats each other as family. If you do not have thick skin we are not for you. We kick over other peoples sand castles, We collect salt, and we murder whether that be rats or people ■■■■ goes BOOM. Wormholes will make you more isk and help you farther on your eve journey.

Ingame channel is Murders Pub
public discord is Murderous Mindset Stop by and have a chat with us :slight_smile:

We are still recruiting :slight_smile:

We are still recruiting Newbros are welcome :slight_smile:

We are still recruiting alphas and newbros welcome

Still recruiting! Plenty of stuff to do :slight_smile:

Still recruiting join the discord to chat with us!

We are still recruiting active pilots Orca boosts are available :slight_smile:

Still recruiting! Join the discord for more info!

Still recruiting Come talk to us today :slight_smile:

Still recruiting come talk to us in the discord!

Come talk in the discord and join today!

Still recruiting. Back on top we go

Still recruiting come talk to us today!

Talk to us today!

Still recruiting! join our discord!

join our discord and talk to us today!

still recruiting!

we are still recruiting Join our discord to chat

still recruiting! moons to pop people to shoot lets get it!

still recruiting! stuff to do we treat every member like family!