C4 Docked and Loaded Looking for Members

PvP corp built around a good community where we like hunting, taking fights, and flying together. We have some awesome dudes in the EU and US TZ and could use more in either places! Looking for more mature pilots, we foster a pretty chill place to hang out with a RL first mentality.

Summer and getting the new corp set up has slowed us some but we are gearing up for PvP operations and having some fun. We have a C3/C5 static which gives a lot of options for hunting. Finding fights in Null and Low, plus the obvious WH brawls. Our brand new Killboard

Pathfinder Mapping (Private Server)
TS for voice
Discord for chat and announcements

Current Benefits:
Stock of corp use ships including rolling ships
Scout gets pick of juicy loot
Structures for Indy and Mining/Reactions
War-dec immune
Good PI
0% tax

We would prefer a decently skilled toon to be able to sit in doctrine ships, a T3C, and/or small gang ships. However the right mentality can take you a long way and all people interested will be considered.

Head to our Discord and say hi!

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Bump! Excited to meet new people!

Missed The loot pinata we found! Come join the fun :upside_down_face:

Up doot! Looking to get better and create fun for people :grin:

Not the worst ppl and we have fun! MetaBump!

Got some ONI’s in stock! should be some good fun :laughing:

Awesome day for the US boys! Some much needed content after all the holes we roll.

Got a few new guys, Looking to pick up a few moar 0w0

We have cute discord emotes !

First recruiting post is still doing work! We finally got our toes back into null and snagged a few juicy stuff.

get your T3Cs cloaked we have some hunting to do

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