C5>C5 WH group Looking for new members. PVP'ers wanted, Good money to be made with

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The Space Arcade is now Open!

We’ve come from all over to settle down in C5>C5 wormhole space and looking to add some more pilots to our ranks. While the arcade is just opening we’re under management by a very capable group with over 15 years experience. Infrastructure is fully online for new members to enjoy.

We’re mainly a PVP focused corporation, but have opportunities for money making through avenues of site running, mining,PI, and industry.

Come find out more in the pub or to chat about the great arcade games we all played in those neon soaked halls until the early mornings. Send one of the recruiters some mail.

Recruitment Channel: Space Arcade Ent. Recruitment

Reddit Post: https://www.reddit.com/r/evejobs/comments/9yi5sr/c5c5_wh_group_looking_for_new_members_pvpers/?st=jooiiajp&sh=d302dfc3
Killboard: https://zkillboard.com/corporation/98579305/

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Pvpers wanted !

(Mr Glaser) #3

I just wanted to say ‘Hello’ and officially welcome your group to WH space. If you and your group are ever in need of another WH group, reach out to us anytime in our public discord or in game. Our roots are from a C2 and we are always looking for WH groups to thrive in the life of a PVP WHer.

Hope to see ya in space,
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We are still looking for PVP to join our ranks

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Still Looking for new members