C5 MCAV is Recruiting all Skill levels

I have been playing Eve for over 9 years. Been in most of the major groups at one point or another. Even several WH groups, including Hard Knocks.

None of the other groups compare to MCAV.

MCAV is a group that sets itself apart through its culture, rules, and expectations. They may seem odd to some of you from groups used to squabbling over loot and showing off Killboards. Once you join up and start flying with us as we get kills all around New Eden, it will become apparent that the foundational culture and operations of MCAV are far superior to virtually every other group in Eve.

Join MCAV. Right now. Do it today. Don’t put it off. Worst case: you experience one of the best groups in Eve. Best case: you make lifelong friends and spend year after year on wild and fun adventures across Eve.

If you have worries about WH space, I promise you that it isn’t as hard or spooky as it seems. It will take a few weeks to get used to, but by the end of those weeks you will wonder why anyone plays in normal space.

If you are worried about SP or making money, I assure you that any SP level can make it in WH space and reap the vast rewards from the area that has the best isk/hr in Eve.

What are you waiting for? Join MCAV!

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To the top! MCAV is here!


Come fly nano with us!


Bump! Getting lots of new faces! Join them!

To the top! Join the fun!

Still looking for more people! Join today!


bamp, good group of guys come give us a try!

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Hey guys we are still recruiting and our EU tz guys are returning. Come fly enyos and nano with us today.

Hi everyone. Are you tired of being in a corp that will not undock unless they are guaranteed a win? We take any fight that we think we have any chance of winning regardless how small because win or lose a fight is always better then ship spinning. We are also the home of the free enyos.

Come get in on all these free enyos.

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PVP is fun and chick dig it.

If you want to be in a group that actually wants to pvp you should check out MCAV.

We want more guys! Content has been good come get kills with us.

Too much content to get to it all need more guys!

Hi. I’m Bardos Skylifter.

Now, a lot of you folks don’t know what MCAV is. But I can assure you this: by the end of this post you’re gonna want to do everything legally possible to get involved in it. Now eight years ago, I weighed 500 pounds, I was getting really high every day, and I was washing my dishes in the bathtub. But thanks to MCAV, two years later, I own myself a mansion, I got a summer home in Maine, I got an awesome boat, I got a jet pack, I got a sweet looking wife, and I got an entertainment center with a whole heck of a lot of CDs and laser disks and books I’ll never use.

Now all this material stuff doesn’t make me happy - although, you’ve never seen anything like that boat of mine. Nope, it’s my new Enyo that makes me happy. My new Enyo that is powerful, explosive, and a real competitor.

I know some of you might be thinking, “Okay, Bardos, you’re full of bologna sausage”. I’d understand your skepticism if there weren’t millions of people out there who changed their life through joining MCAV. But there are. People like Manute Bol, Richard Kiel, Andre (the) Giant, and of course The Titte’ Brothers.

So what are you waiting for? Come join MCAV and become a real competitor today!

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For a limited time if you fly one free enyo you get a second enyo free for your alt.